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Advance Parole: I-131 Travel document

- The Advance Parole (AP) grants one permission to return to the United States to continue pursuing the I-485.
- If one does not have the appropriate visa stamped in the passport, AP avoids the need to obtain a visa at the consulate in order to return to the U.S.
- The AP must be requested while the applicant is in the United States. It generally is valid for a one-year period, and cannot be extended from abroad. The AP document used for return travel into the U.S. must be approved while the individual is in the United States.
- In most cases, a person who is in valid H1B or L-1 status (or H-4 or L-2 dependent status), who has a valid visa in the appropriate category stamped in the passport, does not need AP to return to the United States. The H1B and L-1 allow for dual intent, so there is no abandonment of the pending I-485 by departing before the AP is issued.

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