Justice On Time LLC stands for the timely affordable and deserving justice for everyone. It feels pride in especially servicing those who feels like a victim, do not know enough about the legal system and are completely lost in finding the right legal remedification which can heal them to become whole again.

What can we do for you?

  • Immigration: We truly understand how hard it is to leave your family and friends behind coming to a new foreign land and starting from scratch. Nothing can be more disrespectful than to assume that immigrants are coming to exploit the system and are liability or burden to the society. Immigrants work hard. They bring fresh new ideas. They add value. Motivation of financial riches is not a bad dream till it is accomplished though honesty, hard work and innovation.

    We provide immigration advice, services and take care of complete paperwork from A to Z. It is extremely important to filter which visa is right for you depending on your education background, work experience and what you really want to do once you have the visa. Or in other words can you really meet your goals, accomplish your dreams and fulfill your desires? Every visa category has many constraints, dos' and don'ts. It is critical to know your expectations and then matching the visa category which is not restrictive and allows you to do what you want to do.

    The scope also includes for individuals who are already through the first phase of entry and now looking for next steps in terms of work visas, corporate training visas, student  visas, permanent residency (green-card) or Citizenship. We are super specialized and have a flawless 100% success record in Immigration matters.

  • Business / Management Consultancy and Services:
    Justice On Time is a full service Entrepreneurship and Management Consulting firm, providing the complete life-cycle of business from inception to Initial Public Offering (IPO), Buy/Sell or Merger & Acquisition (M&A).
    The unique proposition of Company is the highest value mode "for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs."
    We start from the trillion dollar question of, "What do you want?" and entity formation, accounting, book-keeping, marketing, HR, Legal matters fall in-between fitting each other at right place.
    • Incorporation: Right foundation is everything.
    • Financial Setups: Setting up Accounting System such as proper Chart of Accounts, etc.
    • HR Life-cycle: Covering the empoyee life-cycle from hiring-to-firing in compliance with Department of Labor rules & regulations avoiding frivilous law-suits.
    • Sales & Marketing Strategies: Complete sales process from lead generation to maintain relationships with regular consistent up-sellings through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.
  • Law: We agree to you that Legal system is cumbersome, complicated and needs to be simplified.
    We cover the life-cycle of companies right from incorporation to sell or dissolution and of individuals pre-nuptial agreements to Will and Estate Planning for future generations.
    • Corporations:
      • Service Agreements.
      • Intellectual Property Protection
      • Private Investment / Equity Participation
      • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    • Personal:
      • Real-Estate purchases.
      • Pre-Nuptial Agreements.
      • Wills.
      • Estate Planning.